Founded in 1987, Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group is a private enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of high-grade daily-use ceramics. The company uses daily-use ceramics as its main business. The industry covers daily-use ceramics, ceramic permeable bricks, ceramic machinery, refractory materials, packaging products, flower paper, real estate, clean energy, logistics, and red wine. The company's existing assets of 1.67 billion yuan, more than 5,200 employees, 19 member companies.

The Group takes the promotion of Chinese ceramic culture as its mission and provides high quality ceramics for beautifying human life...

Company Culture

Sanhuan Vision: Building the core competitiveness of the three rings with technology and innovation

Sanhuan Mission: Promoting Chinese Ceramic Culture, Rejuvenating the National Economy

Development Path

1988: The first production line was officially put into production. In the same year, the product successfully entered the US market.

1991: Attack on the production of aviation porcelain, a success, and stabilize the three major US airlines to use porcelain.


The Sanhuan Group has repeatedly won national honors, autonomous region-level honors and municipal-level honors, among which it has won corporate credit evaluation.

Brand Story

As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, it was located in the north stream of the throat zone of the Southern Silk Road. It rose up a large-scale porcelain production base, Lingling. At that time, the shadow-printing porcelain produced by Linglan Kiln was 


Because of its materials, it can be used to judge it, and use its strengths to cover up its short. Knowing people's good responsibilities, only talents are merits, suitable for the job, suitable for the job. With keen insight, we will discover the individual characteristics of each employee...



Guangxi sanhuan ceramics exhibition was held in Beijing
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Third ring road to Beijing! Why all this glamour?
The plaque ceremony and state ceremony exhibition of guangxi sanhuan ceramics "China national porcelain production enterprise" was held in Beijing
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Accelerate the construction of talent team and promote production, education and research


Embossed gold

The surface is formed with a embossed relief and has a three-dimensional beauty. The resulting relief effect is very obvious. The lines are smooth, the texture is clear, the glaze is smooth and delicate, and it has strong ornamental and applicability. ..

The porcelain developed with feldspar-quartz-kaolin (clay) is a feldspar porcelain. The materials used in the porcelain are prepared to provide the blanks required for the porcelain. The blanks are rolled according to the desired shape (positive pressure). Or plastic molding such as grouting, 

High permeability porcelain


Porcelain flower surface decoration is printed according to the design requirements with flower paper as the carrier pattern. After firing (1080-1100) °C, the decorative pattern is quickly sunk into the glass glaze layer with the unique temperature control technology of Sanhuan Group.

"Three high porcelain"

The porcelain developed with feldspar-quartz-kaolin (clay) is a feldspar porcelain. The materials used in the porcelain are prepared to provide the blanks required for the porcelain. The blanks are rolled according to the desired shape (positive pressure). 


When a beam of excitation light strikes the surface of the material, about one-thousandth of the photons collide with the material molecules to scatter. If the direction and energy of the scattered photons change, this inelastic scattering is called Raman scattering.

New bone china

Because of its unique shape, simple and clear, and white and delicate texture, the new bone china has been used for porcelain for aristocrats in various countries for a long time. It is the only high-grade porcelain that is recognized in the world.


Enamel glaze, super hard porcelain, super durable, the advantage of enamel is the color glaze of different colors on the surface, the rich color is directly reflected on the glazed surface, the product shape is mainly irregular design, no Lead-free cadmium is environmentally friendly, safe and antibacterial, 


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