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Founded in 1987, Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group is a private enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of high-grade daily-use ceramics. The company uses daily-use ceramics as its main business. The industry covers daily-use ceramics, ceramic permeable bricks, ceramic machinery, refractory materials, packaging products, flower paper, real estate, clean energy, logistics, and red wine. The company's existing assets of 1.67 billion yuan, more than 5,200 employees, 19 member companies.

16.7 Billion

The company's existing assets of 1.67 billion yuan

5200 +

More than 5,200 employees

19 +

19 member companies

The Group takes the promotion of Chinese ceramic culture as its mission and provides high quality ceramics for beautifying human life. Since its inception, Sanhuan Ceramics has focused on the creative R&D, design, production and sales of high quality ceramics. The company's leading products include high-temperature hard porcelain, enamel, fine porcelain glaze and bone china. The products are novel in design and integrate the essence of Chinese and Western culture. The products that have been put into production have reached more than 50,000 varieties, covering In the tableware, western tableware, tea sets, coffee sets, gift porcelain, art porcelain, etc., the products are rich and varied, and the quality is excellent. The company has autonomous region-level enterprise technology center and Guangxi Daily Ceramics Industrial Engineering Institute, and has established a doctoral workstation with Tsinghua University Materials College and a scientific research station with Jingdezhen Ceramic University. It is a small high-altitude construction unit for daily-use ceramics engineering talents in Guangxi. Member of the Committee for Standardization of Ceramic Technology.


the patented products Fengyun series and other 30 varieties were selected as the special tableware of the Chinese Embassy in the 10 countries of the ASEAN, is the British royal family For daily-use ceramic suppliers, elliptical cups, eccentric bowls, and eccentric fish dishes were awarded the "Golden Crown Award" by the International Science and Technology Achievements Certification Committee of the British International Science Center. In 2018, the China Ceramic Industry Association awarded: "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises in China's Ceramic Industry". In 2019, the China Ceramic Industry Association awarded "China's National Porcelain Manufacturers".Today's Sanhuan, relying on deep cooperation with schools such as Tsinghua University and Jingdezhen Ceramic University, accelerates the pace of transformation and upgrading, and makes the traditional daily-use ceramics the ultimate, accelerates the march from traditional daily-use ceramics to high-tech ceramics, and intensifies innovation. To create the new core competitiveness of the three rings with technology and innovation, and to form a more competitive multi-ceramic, high-quality, processing and supporting ceramic production base, and to become an ambitious goal of becoming a high-tech, cultural and internationally renowned enterprise. Stride forward.


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Address: Beiliu Min'an Industrial Park, Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (next to National Highway 324)



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