Recently, "guangxi sanhuan ceramics exhibition to Beijing" opened at Beijing guozhong ceramic museum. In the opening ceremony, experts and leaders from all walks of life at the meeting spoke separately, fully affirming the development achievements made by sanhuan group and its positive contributions to the development of China's ceramic industry since its inception 32 years ago, and also putting forward expectations for the future transformation and upgrading development of sanhuan ceramics. Hou wenquan, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China ceramic industry association, said, "guangxi is a major production area for daily ceramics in China. Since its establishment 32 years ago, sanhuan group has focused on the design, research and development, production and sales of daily ceramics, in order to inherit Chinese ceramic culture
Cups for AC milan fans, tea garden base in fenghuang mountain, chaozhou... In the 2nd ceramic fair, the reporter discovers besides pottery and porcelain of daily use, craft outside pottery and porcelain, the domain such as tea, red wine, coffee already set foot in
On March 8th, a seminar on "high temperature hard porcelain technology and innovation", which is closely related to the patent technology held by guangxi sanhuan enterprise group, was held in Beijing guozhong ceramic museum.
Guangxi, March 8 (chinamil) -- guangxi sanhuan ceramics "China national porcelain production enterprise" was presented in Beijing on March 8 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.
On October 18, 2017, solstice, 20, the leading group office of yulin city to establish a famous county with guangxi characteristic tourism organized a special expert group to conduct the preliminary inspection of beiliu city to establish a famous county with guangxi characteristic tourism. On October 19, chuang te group visited sanhuan ceramics town for inspection.